Welcome to Domain Movers, where DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. I continue to have problems with one of my tools I use to help me with these reports, so I know I’m missing a bunch of movements and the reason behind the 3 day delay for this report. I basically use 2 different means to detect movement and one of those has been on and off functioning.

Here are some of the latest movements detected:

DiagnosticNavigator.com was secured during the drop by CSC Corporate Domains at Pheenix.

Universal Republic has acquired MusicMogul.com with the help of domain name buy service Marksmen. The transaction appears to have taken place dating back to July 2016 but whois just recently revealed the buyer.

Verizon acquired a drone company called Skyward, which was announced February 15, 2017 and in about 10 days after the sale, domain assets started changing ownership to Verizon. That is pretty quick!

Nasty Gal, which sold in bankruptcy to the only bidder, Boohoo.com for $20 million, is expected to close February 28, 2017. On February 26, 2017 the domain name assets started changing ownership to BooHoo.com and changing from Nasty Gal Inc. to Nastygal Ltd. SuperNasty.com is one example domain. I had mentioned in this November 22, 2016 article that Nasty Gal Inc.’s domain name GirlBoss.com was transferred out of MarkMonitor to GoDaddy shortly after filing for bankruptcy. The domain has long been shown in whois records as owned by Nasty Girl Inc. (still is now) but is a separate brand / media site for the former company. #girlboss became a New York Times best seller. If that domain was owned by the company, wouldn’t it be an asset to the bankruptcy? I would think so.

DXC.org has been acquired by DXC Technology (CSC & HPE merger new name) which continues the brand securing domain name purchases which I mentioned here and here of DXC domain names. The .org was owned by GoDaddy and its NameFind portfolio.

NBCUniversal Media, LLC has registered the domain name ComedyStandsUp.com adding to the 10,000+ domain names they own.

Nasdaq has taken ownership of ShareX.com. The domain asset was owned by Boardvantage, which Nasdaq acquired for about $200 million in March 2016. Nasdaq owns about 1,000 domain names

ProClick Sarl has acquired EMD ProClick.com from Frank Schilling’s Name Admin Inc. The domain had a listing price of $32,000.

The Sherwin-Williams Co. registered TryColorSnap.com, adding to the 1,000 other domains they own, one of which is ColorSnap.com which they acquired in the domain name aftermarket from HugeDomains on April 28, 2015. ColorSnap.com is a stand alone website and a color selection tool. The new call to action domain name will likely be used in advertising in some way, which helps the company track performance, while presenting to consumers the call to action to Try it!

Morphe.com has been sold for $59,000 as reported by the seller on his Facebook page. The domain was sold through the GoDaddy Domain Buy Service based on the current whois record. A company called Morphe Inc. filed a trademark in September 2015 and would be potential buyers.

AZR.com has been acquired by Horsehead Corp, which is a producer of zinc and nickel products. Interestingly, they filled for Chapter 11 protection in February 2016 and emerged from Chapter 11 as a private company in September 2016. The company currently uses Horsehead.net as its main domain name, with Telepathy Inc. owning Horsehead.com. American Zinc Recycling is the potential acronym.

BoldCorp.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was purchased back in October 2015 but has been under whois privacy at GoDaddy but has now transferred to MarkMonitor, but still using generic whois data. The domain sold for $2,395

Hilton International Holding LLC has acquired WeHaveCookies.com for $1,895 from HugeDomains. Hilton is proud of the cookies they offer guests and even offer them for sale via a different domain currently at DoubleTreeCookies.com. The logo on the bag states The Cookie so not sure why they didn’t buy that domain, as it’s for sale for $20K and owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind. Either way, they are wisely using domain names to promote what they offer and let people know, We Have Cookies!

Discovery Communications, LLC continues to register domain names relating to Oprah and her OWN network. This time the domains were AfterOwn.com/.net, OwnAftershow.com/.net, OwnFanTalk.com/.net and OwnUnfiltered.com/.net. The last registration was WatchOwn.net for an app they offer.

The Sutter Group has acquired WeddingInk.com in a transaction that took place at Escrow.com.

AdventureSquad.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

Brunswick Corporation  registered FallBoatShow.com adding to the other 650 domain names they own.

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  1. Registered about 100 and sold one so far. I believe them to be brand worthy at least a few anyways but finding end users is difficult at best.

  2. Thank you, Jamie, for the valuable info you never fail to deliver!
    A must-read blog for all domain investors.


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