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The follow is a small sample of movements over the past 24 hours:

Note: GoDaddy’s special auction they are holding with some of its NameFind domain names ends today, around 5 pm, CST. You can see all 21 domains here. Some great domain names like MB.org, 90210.com, KeepCalm.com, VF.net, Townhome.com, 59.org, S9.net, Manipulate.com and more. 13 of the 21 domains have hit reserve at time of posting and will sell.

Shure Incorporated registered WirelessWorkbench.com, adding to the 100 domain names they own. The domain name was registered before but expired in early 2016 and has not been registered since.

Foldable RIB which has been using FourSeas.us for its US distribution of the dingy style boat, has acquired FourSeas.com from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. I recall this domain name and it held a $3,599 purchase price at one point but that price likely increase since then.

AWL.com has likely been sold by Pearson Education, Inc. to All Web Leads, Inc. according to whois records. Pearson does sell some of its domain names from time to time, but they do not sell cheap, so I would highly expect this to be well into six figures.

First Marblehead Education Resources, Inc. has acquired StudentAccounts.org from BuyDomains.com. It appears the domain only held a $788 purchase price.

Teezle LLC has acquired FitCar.com via domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The domain name sold for $4,900 EUR.

ARM Sul Americana Consultoria Ltda has acquired ArmInsurance.com, also at Sedo. NameBio is showing the domain sold October 24, 2016 for $5,000.

Smartworks Digital PVT. LTD. has acquired Flippable.com, also at Sedo. I was not able to find a sales price on this one.

Marksmen was busy and acquired 4 domain names for clients. ModernAnthem.com was acquired for a currently unknown client. Project62.com was also acquired and this domain is currently showing generic CSC Corporate Domains. ShoeGenius.com was acquired for client Foot Locker. SpencerBarnett.com was the last one acquired for a currently unknown client. That domain was owned by Ken Barnett and was potentially a family members name. Ken also owns BarbieBarnett.com, KennyBarnett.com, KourtniBarnett.com and MattBradleySalon.net.

Dustbane Products Limited has acquired its EMD via Afternic.com, Dustbane.com. The company currently uses Dustbane.ca but also the .com now as well.

Amazon Technologies registered AmazonLounges.com, AmazonPrimeLounge.com, TheAmazonLounge.com, AmazonPrimeLounges.com, AmazonPrimeSeating.com and AmazonSignal.com. Amazon is great at registering domains to new offering they have, not so great at securing domain names that would make a lot of sense for them to own, like Prime.com, which they do not own! The company owns about 40,000 domain names in general.

Flu.com has transferred into MarkMonitor. This domain name was sold by Media Options “to an end user” but I do not recall it was mentioned who the buyer was, but that is still currently unknown, other than it was a MarkMonitor client.

Google Inc. registered a slew of “Springboard” + color domain names, all in .com. SpringboardBlack.com, SpringboardBlue.com etc. Google Springboard is an AI-powered assistant for enterprise customers. Google does not own the EMD.

SuperIon.com has transferred into MarkMonitor under generic DNStination Inc. whois data. The domain name was for sale in the past with a $38,000 offering price. The domain was owned by Virtual Point prior.

Bayer AG registered the domain name BahRewards.com

FurGetIt.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. allowed South.tv to expire and the domain name was grabbed on the drop by DropCatch.com. Current bidding is at $375 with over 2 days left in the auction.

Sedo sold Casino.online for $201,250, VictoriaCapital.com sold for $15,000 EUR, Fenius.com for $14,000 EUR, Cocca.org $10,000 EUR and AutoElectric.com sold for $10,000 EUR.

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