Welcome! This is Domain Movers. We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you. Today, you will see what millions of dollars of domain name sales look like, in one small sampling of daily domain movements.

Let’s jump right in:

Symphony Communication Services Holdings LLC acquired Symphony.com which rebranded from Prezo, just secured another $63 Million in funding, raising the total to over $229 Million and a $1 billion dollar valuation. My client and domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani sold them the domain name on June 2, 2014 prior to the launch of the company in September 2014 for $375,000 as he wrote about here. Abdul mentions at the end of his article, “I wish all the best to the new owner of Symphony.com and hope to see something big coming up” his wishes have come true.

On the flipside of the above, two other companies had big rounds. Verse and LevelUp. Verse has about $30 million in funding and is still using the domain JoinVerse.com, where LevelUp has nearly $100 million in funding and is using TheLevelUp.com.  Both of the .com’s are in use already, so it’s going to take some $$$ to get them.

Target Brands, Inc. registered TargetTakeoff.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz

Takeoff.com has been acquired by a new startup called Takeoff Technologies, Inc. which is a domain upgrade from ShopTakeoff.com. The company offers grocery shopping technology. This does not appear to be related to what Target registered but it could be if they are going to use the technology. It did tip me off to this domain sale though. The transaction took place between January 2017 to April 2017 with the potential date being around March 31, 2017 according to whois records. You can read more about the startup here.

BadLiar.com which I mention was a acquired by a unknown CSC Corporate Domains client at the time, was acquired by Interscope Records.

Action.com holds potential to have been sold. The domain name was acquired in 2011 for $230,000 by a London company called T101. According to Screenshot history on DomainTools.com, the domain was recently (May 16, 2017) redirecting to a Sedo Brokerage page. The domain has now transferred out of eNom to Ascio, using NetNames.com name servers. Great domain name!

Rylo.com appears to have been acquired by Marksmen for a currently unknown client or potentially is being offered for sale. The domain name was/is owned by DuPont. There was a fairly new trademark filed by Magenta Labs Inc. for a camera and web site for electronic storage… so this certainly could be related.

The Channel Company has acquired IOTGuys.com from Eric Feedman who was using Efty.com at the time of the sale. The domain has since transferred into CSC Corporate Domains. The domain was registered June 24, 2015.

esoft Systems A/S were the buyers of eSoft.com for $30,000 at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.

AXPM Management which is a dental software company, has acquired SmileSystems.com for a currently undisclosed price.

Trust International B.V. were the buyers of TrustGaming.com which I mention had sold earlier but the buyer was unknown. Also as mentioned earlier, this domain name was in a live expired auction and was renewed by the past owner during the auction and sold on Sedo. To note, the company also owns and uses the premium domain name Trust.com.

AR.com has been sold by GoDaddy. This super premium 2 letter domain name was acquired by GoDaddy in the EliteDomains portfolio and was owned by CentralNic. So that ties CentralNic in some fashion into the Elite Domains deal. With Augmented Reality gaining steam and IMO will be a larger market than VR, it will be interesting to see who the buyers were. The domain is currently in Afternic Escrow.

QC.com has also been sold by GoDaddy! Not that selling AR.com was enough in one day, QC.com also moved into Afternic Escrow. Since they sold both in one day, this makes me lean towards both were sold to investors, likely in China? Either way, I’m sure GoDaddy was happy with the profits made on both 2 letter domain sales.

Ingrains.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from HugeDomains, with the transaction taking place via Afternic. The domain held a $2,595 offering price.

Del Monte Foods Inc. registered SnackRefresh.com adding to the other snack related domains I reported recently.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has acquired AdventureSquad.com, which has been registered since 2005.

MeetMe has acquired WeChill.com from Tekco Management for an undisclosed amount.

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    he has the best songs out right now. youtube.

  2. Wow AR.com sold. I hope the price will be disclosed

  3. Thanks Jamie for the mention. I’m happy to see Symphony.com growing as the pass by.
    It will be very difficult to acquire Takeoff.com by Target Brands, Inc since it’s a developed website with huge traffic. Must buy the company with domain, else getting domain would be too difficult. That’s why your post about brand consistency is important to understand for those who haven’t upgraded to their exact brand name and many will have to suffer for lifetime.

  4. Canadians “Bob and Doug McKinsey” used to say, “Takeoff, eh?”


  5. Yes part of the centralnic.com rip off they used to sell subdomains of these and now all those websites are down

  6. you spelled my name wrong its eric freedman lol


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