Welcome to Domain Movers! DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports them in the series called Domain Movers as it helps business minded people to get an idea of what others are doing. These article contain a wealth of information, insight and much more by looking at the data. The following domain names will often reflect new brands, relate to new advertising campaigns, marketing efforts and more.

Here are some of the latest domain movers we detected:

PetSmart Store Support Group, Inc. (PetSmart) has acquired AdoptSpot.com from GoDaddy, out of its NameFind domain name portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

Gallup, Inc. has acquired BP10.com  via domain name aftermarket service Sedo.

PepsiCo, Inc. registered the domain names PepsiFire.com and PepsiFireSweepstakes.com.

Alanic International Corporation has acquired the premium generic product domain name GymClothes.com, which makes a lot of sense for them to own, because that is what they offer!

BBC Worldwide & ITV have launched an on demand TV service in the US under the brand name Britbox. Britbox.com was acquired around October 24, 2016 according to whois records when the domain went into privacy protection and DNS changed to the current. The website is live for the streaming service.

Smith & Wesson, the iconic gun maker brand is doing a corporate rebrand under the new name American Outdoor Brands Corp. They will have the new ticker symbol AOBC. The Smith & Wesson brand is not going away, it will simply be a subsidiary under AOBC.  Currently, American Overseas Book Company, Inc. owns the domain name AOBC.com

The domain AmericanOutdoorBrands.com has been registered, on September 16, 2016 and is currently using generic whois data at corporate brand service CSC Corporate Domains. That is the registrar used by S&W. To note, the singular version, AmericanOutdoorBrand.com (no s on brands) was registered November 9, 2016 by Revast Holding B.V. at Key Systems and doesn’t appear to be connected to S&W but would have been a wise domain for them to own.

Google Inc. acquired Waymo.com from Waymo Company of Colorado. The only change in whois that took place around June 2016 was registrant email address change from wayne@waymo.com TO waymo@gmail.com. I have reached out to Wayne, President & Owner of Waymo Company and am in discussion with him to share the story. Google has since also registered Waymo.net and .org which were both done November 21, 2016 as well as the registering the new gTLD of Waymo.company.

Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. has acquired the domain name SeeItNow.com. The purchase date is unclear as the domain name has had generic MarkMonitor whois information for years, using DNStination, Inc. dating all the way back to 2009.

Solvay SA has acquired Actizone.com from HugeDomains.com. I wasn’t able to find a price on this one, but they often are in the price range of $1,695-$3,xxx

Coty Inc. registered the domain name ShadeSelector.com adding to the 700 domain names they own.

Unilever Plc has acquired LoveTea.com  The domain has been registered since 1998 and was registered under privacy at GoDaddy. Unilever owns about 8,200 domain names.

Stubhub, Inc. (owned by eBay) has taken ownership of the generic domain name SeatingCharts.com. The domain was under privacy at GoDaddy prior and did have a website on it that stated Ticket Utils Inc. The domain was on expired auction at GoDaddy in 2013 and sold for $5,600 at auction at that time. Ticket Utils was the buyer. In July 2016, it was announced that StubHub acquired Ticket Utils.

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  1. Thank you, Jamie, for your work. It provides invaluable data.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Somebody should do something about all these large corporations just ‘squatting’ on thousands of domain names. They are not even using them. These domain names should simply be available for $10 whenever I want to register them.


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