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Put the vast experience, knowledge and connections in the domain industry of Jamie Zoch, Founder of to work for you for your domain buyer broker needs!JamieFullBlackBackground

Are you looking to purchase a specific domain name and somebody already owns it? I can help! Is your budget too high or low? I can help! I’ve been involved in the domain industry since 2006 and have been helping thousands of individuals through DotWeekly since.

I will work personally with you, not some automated system that just emails the registrant a cookie cutter email! I will work in stealth mode on your behalf as a domain name buyer broker to assist you in securing your target domain name, in budget and in a timely fashion. Provide me the domain name, your budget and I will do the rest! Have questions? I’m working for you, so let me know your questions and I will do my very best to help you.

All domain name transactions will be handled with a secure escrow service only,

I work with all reasonable budgets! Most domain buy services turn away clients with lower budgets but I am willing to work with you if that is your budget or higher!


  • $300 nonrefundable up front fee will retain me to work on your behalf to help secure your target domain name. I will keep you updated through the entire process via email or phone (your choice).
  • Success fee. 10% of purchase price, minus upfront fee. The success fee is a “total fee” of 10% of the purchase price, but that also includes the $300 nonrefundable upfront fee. Example: $5,000 purchase price would be a $200 success fee. ($500 (10%) of $5,000 purchase price with the $300 upfront fee already paid, which is subtracted from the 10% success fee total.).

Lets get started today!

Please fill out this short questionnaire so I have the information I need and lets get to work!


I will contact you shortly after you submit the form with further details and any questions I may have.

*All reasonable budgets is a generalized term. I have to agree that your budget will match the general value of the target domain prior to you paying the retainer fee.

 Please do not submit your domain names for sale, we only work with domain name buyers.