Welcome to the latest company Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you.

As always, these are very early findings and there isn’t always a lot of information behind them but we try our best to provide you with at least some info.

Viking River Cruises has acquired VOC.com from Anything.com, Ltd. The domain has been registered since 1995. Viking River Cruises also offers Viking Ocean Cruises, so this was the likely reason for the purchase. This was likely a six figure transaction.

BedsidePower.com has been registered by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

Interscope Records registered LifeOfArinRay.com and acquired JonConnor.com from its past owner, adding to the 600+ domains they own.

HearthHand.com appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was owned by a Matthew Ondusko and registered at GoDaddy. The domain has since transferred to CSC. On January 12, 2017 a CSC client registered the .org, .info and .biz domains.

MSEQ.com has been acquired by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Or . The domain has been registered since 2007 and was using Sedo Parking at the time of the sale.

My Savings, Inc. has acquired MySmiles.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind domain name portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

Paramount Pictures registered Mama.movie . I mention this because when I heard of the new gTLD .movie, I expected it to be really popular with the movie companies but I just haven’t seen many domains registered in my daily research. I see a lot of movie related domains registered every week and the majority are .com.

Viacom International Inc. registered the domain TheHaloAwards.com and followed up with several similar domains like 2018HaloAwards.com, 2019HaloAwards.com + several more years. HaloAwards.com was owned by Viacom but now whois is behind generic data at MarkMonitor.

MolexVentures.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was registered June 6, 2017 by Home Of Domains and offered for sale.

Pure Storage Inc. has acquired PureAccelerate.com from its past owner. The domain was registered in 2015.

Lube360.com has transferred ownership to Petro-Canada Lubricants from Suncor Energy Inc. but Suncor owns Petro-Canada. The domain transferred out of MarkMonitor and moved over to GoDaddy under privacy protection.

Cox Media Group, Inc. registered 47 new domains, that matched: Politically + US State .com, like PoliticallyAlabama.com, PoliticallyUtah.com etc. To note, Politically.com is for sale currently for $19,995 and could easily be created into a brand for Cox Media. Politically.com/Utah would work and be easier managed IMO and be a better asset than the 47 domains registered.

To further back up my suggestion, Cox Media registered 44 more domain names with Politically + state acronym, like PoliticallyVA.com, PoliticallyNY.com, bringing the total to 91 domains.

PaintPeople.com has potentially sold. The domain was owned by Wantin.com The Hyperlink Hotel and has since transferred into CSC Corporate Domains under generic whois data.

Wave Division Holdings, Inc. acquired WaveWholesale.com from Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com for $10,000. Mike had acquired the domain name only 3 days prior for $20. The company had owned the domain prior and let registration lapse at GoDaddy on May 30, 2017. If Mike paid $20 for the domain as he mentioned, then it’s likely the domain was purchased as a GoDaddy Closeout or with only 1 bid.

Trustwork Technologies has acquired its EMD, Trustwork.com for $30,000 at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.

Nimway.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since 2014.

TakeChargeAtWork.com has also been acquired by an unknown CSC client. This domain was only registered on April 7, 2017 and held Home Of Domains as the owners.

Starbucks Corporation has acquired GoodFeelsGood.com from HugeDomains. I was not able to see a price on this one. The domain was registered (grabbed on the drop) on July 29, 2016.

PokerRun.com has been sold by Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. with the domain under whois privacy now at GoDaddy. The IP Location is Microsoft Corporation as is the ASN. So was Microsoft the buyers?

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