Domain Movers detects company focused domain name transactions and reports these early findings to you.

These early detection’s often indicate domain name upgrades, new brands, new advertising and marketing efforts and more. The following transactions were detected over the weekend: has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name was registered at GoDaddy prior, under whois privacy and has been registered since 2006. has been acquired by an unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name was sold out of the NameFind portfolio and whois switched to a David Burns with an email address of using a MarkMonitor name server. The domain name has now transferred into MarkMonitor’s registrar under generic whois data.

Mars Incorporated registered and adding to the 3,000+ domain names the company owns. has been acquired out of by a currently unknown SafeNames client. The domain held an offering price of $24,000

Bay Internet Group has acquired at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.

Foxgold Pty Ltd has acquired its exact match .com domain name, also at Sedo. The company is using currently.

Nexperioan Holding Limited has acquired, also at Sedo for $2,644.

AFLAC registered and has transferred to from NameKing registrar. It appears the domain retained whois information with the transfer but I’d assume AFLAC is connected to the .com movement.

Viacom International registered several “Slim Fest” domain names. A few were,, and Currently, they do not own which has been registered since 2005.,, were registered by an unknown MarkMonitor client. Whoever they are, they do not own has moved out of showing the new owner as Odradek Records, an Italian company. has been sold by Frank Schilling. The domain name is being paid via payments. The buyers are Frank also sold, which is also being paid for via payments, to a currently unknown buyer.

Facebook Inc. registered several Marketplaces domains. along with the .net, org, biz and info. and info. and .net, org, info, biz. They also registered a bunch of other TLD’s, ccTLD’s etc with the main focus on Marketplaces.

Raptor Technologies Inc. has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. has upgraded and acquired also from the NameFind portfolio.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company has acquired from The domain held a $1,895 purchase price. Due to the Double S and Double T’s in the domain, they also registered several variations of the domain, like and

Meredith Corporation registered the domain name, adding to the 800+ other domain names they already own.

Hearst Communications, Inc. registered, adding to the 6,000+ domain names they own.

AUSTRALIAN HEALTH & NUTRITION ASSOCIATION LIMITED has acquired appears to have been acquired. The domain was owned by SIFMA of New York, New York and moved into whois privacy in June 2017. The domain name has now transferred into SafeNames with the owner currently unknown. has been acquired with the help of domain buyer Marksmen for a currently unknown client.

Onix AS has acquired its exact match .com domain name and acquired using for the transaction. The domain has been registered since 1993. Onix AS was using prior. ( been sold and moved into, with the buyer currently unknown. The owners were Up at Night Productions, which own

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