Welcome! This is Domain Movers. We keep track of corporate focused domain name transactions and report these early findings to you.

These domain name asset transactions often indicate domain name upgrades, future advertising and marketing efforts and much more.

Here is a very small sample of latest detection’s over the past 24 hours:

Atlassian Network Services Inc. appear to be the buyers of Stride.com, which I had mentioned likely sold recently. The domain continues with generic whois data but was moved to the IP address of Atlassian PTY LTD.

Zscaler, Inc. has acquired SecurityPreview.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic. The domain was owned by BuyDomains.com prior and has been registered since 2009.

BrightAndBeam.com, BrightAndBeamHotels.com and HotelBrightAndBeam.com were all registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. HotelPact.com, PactHotels.com and HotelPare.com, PareHotels.com may also be connected as they were registered at the same time.

Attijariwafa Bank has registered Injad.com, adding to the 280+ other domain names they own. The bank is located in Morocco.

Casimersen.com has been acquired by Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. They also registered the .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us domain names.

Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A. has taken ownership of WickedWeed.com, WickedWeedBrewing.com and several similar domains. Anheuser purchased Wicked Weed Brewing May 3, 2017 and the reason for the domain assets changing ownership. The current main domain name used is WickedWeedBrewing.com, with WickedWeed.com not even resolving to anything more than a JustHost.com landing page. I’m sure Anheuser will clean that mess up.

Anheuser also took ownership of Hopt.com which they acquired with the help of The Treadstone Group, Inc. around June 2016. The domain name was part of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio prior. The website on Hopt.com states:

“HOPT – bringing the world’s finest artisanal drinks and craft beer direct to your door.” with availability in France, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Belgium.

Hanesbrands, Inc. were the buyers of earlier mentioned sold domain name CollegeHQ.com

Banking.com has changed name servers for the 3rd time so far in 2017, this time switching to Digital Ocean on the StableTransit.com name servers, coming offer Verisign name servers prior. It does not appear the banking blog has been sold at this time.

Teach.org, which is owned by Microsoft Corporation has transferred to GoDaddy.com out of corporate brand protection service MarkMonitor. Microsoft remains in whois records currently but this is not what I would consider “normal movement”. According to the website, “TEACH.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, led by Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Education, and supported by the nation’s top teacher associations.” It also appears that the domain has moved off of Microsoft controlled hosting, now using GoDaddy Name Servers with Rackspace Hosting.

Merck KGaA registered the domain name ListenToYourNerves.com adding to the 8,000+ other domain names they own.

Trio.com has been sold. The domain name has transferred from GoDaddy.com to SafeNames.com corporate registrar services. The seller acquired it June 13, 2017. Prior to that, the domain name was long owned by public software company, Enghouse Systems of Ontario Canada. I reached out to both parties for confirmation and I have heard back from counsel of Enghouse who confirmed they did sell the domain name in June 2017. I also heard back from the seller who confirmed the sale but could not share any details on the transaction.

GoFundMe changed up name servers (and likely hosting providers, over to Amazon) on several of its domain names they own, those domains included, GoFundMe.com, GoFund.com, Crowd-Funding.com, CrowdFunding.net and CrowdFunding.com

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has acquired BeyondTheNumbers.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for $4,500. IMO, they should focus solely on acquiring Nissan.com and not any other domains besides that one!

US Bank, National Association has acquired MyDigitalCard.com, also at Sedo for $1,595.

TheBellevueHotel.com has been acquired by domain buying service Marksmen on behalf of a currently unknown client, from Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com. The domain held a $10,000 offering price.

DavidJones.com which had some odd activity on it recently, has moved back to DavidJones.com.au in whois records and appears to be no longer in RedemptionPeriod even though the domain was registered out until December 13, 2021 at the time of the RedemptionPeriod status. The domain currently holds an “OK” status now.

EMV.net has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from Oliver Hoger of Virtual Real Estate Limited.

OMF.com moved into Escrow.com and then displays Springleaf Finance Corporation in whois records. Springleaf is now OneMain Financial and they are using OneMainFinancial.com as the companies main domain currently. So this would be a big domain name upgrade for them, switching to the acronym OMF! Currently, OMF.com still redirects to the Uniregistry Market landing page but I’d expect that to change shortly and be the main domain used by OneMain Financial. This transaction could easily be 6-7 figures. To note, OneMain.com is owned by Earthlink, LLC and would be another wise investment for the company as its main branding is around the OneMain term. Not owning it, causes plenty of confusion and inconsistent branding messages, let alone the lack of trust it presents to clients and potential missed communication via email by those assuming they own it.

Springleaf acquired OneMain from CitiGroup for $4.25 Billion in March 2015. In September, 2016 Springleaf rebranded as OneMain Financial.

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One Response to Company Domain Movers: OMF.com, Trio.com + More
  1. I like Springleaf better than OneMain as a brand. Dumb move from a branding perspective. They now need to buy 1Main.com, 1Mane.com, and OneMane.com too. Heck, throw in 1Maine.com and OneMaine.com in there for good measure.

    Springleaf is brain dead simple for consumers.


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