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We focus on company domain name transactions and report these very early findings to you. The following movements are a very small sampling of domain name activity over the weekend by companies around the world for branding, marketing and much more.

Biofarma registered several Bionov domain names. Those included: BionovServier.com, BionoByServier.com, Bionov.net, Bionov-Servier.com and Bionov-By-Servier.com

Morgan & Morgan PA have acquired Injury.com and the typo domain NJury.com. Injury.com was owned by Tyler Dabo of Utah prior and the domain moved into whois privacy on October 25, 2016 and transferred to Amazon’s registrar. Morgan & Morgan do appear in whois records currently, so they may have purchased it more recently than the October 2016 whois privacy movement. The domain has since transferred into domain registrar GoDaddy.com. Morgan & Morgan are personal injury lawyers and the company currently uses ForThePeople.com as its main domain name. This was likely a large domain name transaction.

Lnjury.org, Lnjury.net and Lnjury.info were also registered by Morgan & Morgan PA in a brand protection move, since the lowercase l, looks like a capital I in some fonts. The company appeared to only own a couple domains prior.

Exorfan Trading has acquired BetIt.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

Agrando UG has acquired its EMD, Agrando.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.com for an undisclosed amount. The company currently uses Agrando.de as its main domain name.

Reiko Wireless Inc. has acquired its EMD, Reiko.com also at Sedo.com, for $5,601.

TG Holdings Limited has acquired CryptoNews.com. The domain name held an offering price of $75,000 but sold for $43,000 EUR, which converts to $50,827 USD.

CosmisRacing.com was acquired by Cosmis Racing USA. The company currently uses CosmisUSA.com and offers racing wheels.

Amazery.com and TheAmazery.com have been acquired by corporate domain buying service Marksmen for a currently unknown client. Both domains were owned by the same person prior.

Hempconsult GmbH have acquired HempCapsule.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic.com for an undisclosed amount.

Deutsche Invest Capital Partners GmbH have acquired DiCapital.com, also at Afternic for an undisclosed amount.

Mozilla Corporation has registered FirefoxQuantum.com, adding to the 900+ other domain names owned by the company. I used the Firefox web browser to search and see what this may be and dating back to March 2017, Mozilla talks about the Quantum as a new web engine.

Cummins Intellectual Property, Inc. has taken ownership of HeroTreatment.com. The domain was registered in August 2015 and owned by Take It To Eleven Inc. prior, which is a creative agency. These types of movements are always a gray area for me. Did the domain “sell”? is Cummins a customer of Eleven Design Co? and they registered it on behalf of Cummins in 2015? I didn’t see Cummins as a listed client on Eleven Design. I did see Cummins + Hero Treatment used in a Nov 2015 YouTube video where the company uses the domain name in the ad. Either way, Cummings is using the domain name HeroTreatment.com as an “Easy Gateway” to see send people, easily, to:  https://homegenerators.cummins.com/nominate-a-hero . Catchy, easy to remember, easy to type and just another reason why I love domain names!

Bauer Hockey, Inc. has acquired PeakAthletics.com. The domain has been registered since March 5, 2012 and held a minimum offer of $5,500 but the sales price is unknown. Announced in 2017, Bauer’s new parent company is called Peak Achievement Athletics Inc.

Sunosi.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since 2014 and was acquired from AskMySite.com LLC, who had the domain name parked with ParkingCrew at the time. Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc. are the likely buyers as several other TLD’s were registered, with the .us showing Jazz.

Kellogg Company registered KelloggCulinaryCreations.com and KelloggsCulinaryCreations.com. They currently do not own CulinaryCreations.com.

Aron Meystedt has sold both XF.com and OC.com in the same week. Aron has been a 2 letter .com domain investor for some time and has used the domain XF.com for his company. He recently acquired OC.com from a client. Aron started a new VC venture, called Napkin.com. The buyers of XF.com and OC.com are currently unknown but are likely Chinese.

Wells Fargo & Company registered 4 new domains, with a similar message. WellsFargoWholesaleBank.com, WFWholesaleBank.com, WholesaleBankWellsFargo.com and WholesaleBankWF.com. To note, WholesaleBank.com is currently for sale via Afternic for $12,499

GretaWire.com which was owned by Fox News Network, Inc. has transferred out of MarkMonitor to GoDaddy, under whois privacy. The domain resolved prior to Fox News but is now redirecting to an Amazon.com page for a book by Greta Van Susteren, called Everything You Need To Know About Social Media. Greta was a long time Fox show host. Greta.com to note, is owned by Greta Van Susteren and is also redirecting to Amazon and the book offering. Greta.com was used for her “For the Record with Greta on MSNBC” prior.

DeadRising.com has transferred ownership to Capcom USA. The domain name was acquired by Marvel Characters, Inc. around March/April 2016, then transferred ownership over to Disney when they acquire Marvel and now the domain name has transferred ownership to Capcom. Dead Rising is a horror survival game, developed by Capcom.

MyJax.org has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from its past owner. MyJax.com is currently for sale but it doesn’t appear currently that the domain has sold.

NBCUniversal Media, LLC has acquired LetsPlayGolf.com, with the transaction taking place back in March 2017 but whois was generic until now. The domain was registered with Uniregistry and using the Uniregistry Market.

Hope Leadership Academy has acquired HLA.org out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. The youth ministry was using the long version, HopeLeadershipAcademy.org prior to the domain upgrade.

Nautilus Inc. which owns the Bowflex brand, briefly allowed Bowflex.com to expire on August 10, 2017. Name servers changed  to DomainParkingServer.net at domain registrar Domain.com and the domain was then renewed on what appears to be August 13, 2017 based on whois records. BowflexSUX.com followed suit but the main Bowflex.com domain was the biggest issue. Nautilus, Inc. is a public company on the NYSE under NLS. At least 1 person via Twitter noticed and asked “@bowflex Did you Seriously let your domain expire? https://twitter.com/mpmchugh/status/896872408119877632

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