Here is the latest company domain movers from DotWeekly Discoveries powered by of company domain name purchases, registrations and movers by some of the largest companies on the web. As always, these are “very fresh” findings. I do some research into each domain, but not in a heavy detailed form. Some more info likely can be added with each domain than I currently provide… If you find some more info, please feel free to share in the comments section.

Here we go with the latest company domain name activity:


Appears to be getting ready for a Hackathon and registered several “hack” domain names like, and


Has revealed they were the buyers of from Danny Sullivan in which a transaction likely took place on or about June 4, 2014 for an undisclosed amount. MarkMonitor had a hand
in acquiring the domain name.

Cool Company Skandinavien AB (

Has purchased the domain name for $25,000 from

FairWinds Partners, LLC

Has obtained, very likely on behalf of Automattic, Inc. The domain has been registered since 2004 and appears to have been owned by the same person since 2004. WordPress was
launched May 27, 2003 according to Wikipedia.

FairWinds is a brand protection / domain buyer.

Automattic, Inc

Acquired in September 2013  and now according to whois, Automattic has likely purchased .

Indeed, Inc

Hand registered the domain names and . Indeed is a online job search site.


Who purchased Mailbox mobile app (Orchestra Inc) for about $100 Million in March 2013  has now had the main domain name used for the app, transfer ownership and showing Dropbox in whois now.

Hasbro, Inc.

Has revealed they were behind the registrations of the domain name which was registered on June 6, 2014 at under whois privacy and now the
domains have transferred into . Just shows how MarkMonitor is using various domain registrars to help “hide” what companies may be up to. / .org were also registered and / .net / .org

Johnson & Johnson

Has purchased the domain name for about $1,100


A currently unknown company has purchased the domain name from for $15,000 via Sedo.

Homer TLC Inc. (Home Depot)

Has acquired the domain name from for likely $2,155. They are also likely behind the domain registrations of the .net and .org, which both took place in
March 2014 via Tucows register Hover and are under privacy protection.

Yesterday I thought “SquareSpace” was the buyer of the domain.. because when I did a whois search, IP location showed SquareSpace Inc. I’m not sure why that showed that at the time but are now on DNS but the domain doesn’t resolve to anything currently.

To note, just another indication of how early they were interested in this term. Registering the .net / .org in March (under privacy) and buying the .com in August. Inc

Acquired the domain name on or about April 26, 2012 with the help of Brand Certified. At this point, they set domain name servers to the parking company . The domain
name transferred to domain registrar MarkMonitor on 9/25/2012 according to whois records. Name Servers remained witht he Bodis domain name parking service until 8/18/2014. now
redirects to .

Mike Mann’s was the seller of and I wasn’t able to find a sales price.

Target Brands, Inc.

Registered several domains related to “Liqour” and the proper spelling “Liquor” . Not just any Target, Super Target!

Back in January 2014, Target registered the domain names,,, .

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.

Registered the domain name


Which likely purchased on or about 7/11/2010 from a BuyDomains customer… has finally changed domain name servers some 4 years later. The DNS change likely comes with domain
names moving into CSC Corporate Domains from the Melbourne it dbs purchase CSC made in 2013 for $152.5 Million.

For some reason, has a large amount of whois history records at DomainTools… in the tune of 500+. This is common with premium single word domains and domains on developed
sites but not as common with two word domains unless something is “up” with the domain that makes people search whois for some reason. (owned by golfer Greg Norman) has 288 whois
history records for an example. has 2,241 (which is high). is even higher with nearly 4,000 whois history records, more than which has 3,800+).

Frito-Lay North America, Inc

Registered two domain names for a likely future ad campaign of some kind with and

General Mills Inc

Registered the domain name . The domain was registered in the past, but expired on 8/18/2013 and was removed from the registry.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Registered the domain names, .org and, .org

Mercer (US) Inc.

Registered the domain name


Purchased the domain name from on or about 1/23/2014 for $20,000 and put the domain under privacy protection but set DNS to MarkMonitor at the time.
The domain has remained that way until 8/19/2014 when the domain transferred into MarkMonitor and revealed Verizon as the owners.

E Entertainment Television, LLC

Registered the domain name

Sold Domains was the buyer e-talent was the buyer, likely for around $10K may have sold. Domain switched to privacy and DNS changed. The domain was for sale. did sell in 2011 for $2,500. The domain was listed on a Flippa auction (Nov 2013)
and got 1 bid for $1,500 but didn’t meet reserve.

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