Welcome! This is Domain Movers. We focus on corporate domain name transactions and report these early findings to you. The following is a very small sample of these transactions over the past 24 hours.

The domain name transactions represent domain name upgrades for brands, services, products etc. They also indicate new advertising and marketing efforts and much more. Here are the latest Domain Movers:

Time Inc. launches PetHero.com. DotWeekly broke the news on Time Inc. acquiring the domain name on July 12, 2017 here and August 7, 2017 PetHero was announced. The company has launched a stand alone website on PetHero.com that offers discounts on vet bills, seasonal boxes of toys & treats and more.

Target Brands, Inc. has acquired two domain names. ExpresslyTarget.com and TargetToo.com. Both domains have been registered since September 2013. One was registered on the 19th and the other on the 20th. Both were under whois privacy at GoDaddy since being registered.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. acquired PushToTalk.net on the drop in May 2017 with the help of CSC. Sprint Communications owns PushToTalk.com

Disney Enterprises, Inc. registered a new domain, DisneyUnitedGames.com, adding to the 22,300+ domains they already own.

NVIDIA LTD, which owns about 400 domain names, registered ShotWithGeForce.com. Nvidia makes computer graphics cards and also offers the GeForce Experience, which allows users to game and capture screenplay or livestream. To note, graphics cards are also used for bitcoin mining, which often creates shortages (out of stock) of the graphics cards.

London Borough of Newham (UK Government email address) has acquired EveryChild.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. The domain name held a buy now price of $7,999

Fiveo.com has been sold, also out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. This domain held a $4,999 buy now price. Buyers are currently unknown due to whois privacy.

Eventum Norge AS has acquired its EMD, Eventum.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.com. The domain has been registered since 1999 and was owned by Elk River Systems, Inc. prior. The domain sold in 2014 for $4,485 also at Sedo and appears to be when Elk River Systems acquired the domain. I was not able to find the recent sales price.

The website behind the Eventum.com domain name is already live, which displays event venues in New York. The company states that it has clients like Google, Microsoft, Ikea, Deloitte and more. Eventum.com is a mirror site of Eventum.no, minus the language change.

Smart Tie International has acquired its EMD at Sedo, acquiring SmartTie.com. This domain held a $3,500 buy now. Getting your brand name for $3,500 is a steal!

Skilltwins AB acquired its EMD also at Sedo, SkillTwins.com. The domain name is redirecting to a YouTube channel called SkillTwins that has about 2.2 million subscribers.

AFLAC after I announced yesterday about DuckChat.com/.net they have now registered several similar domains. Those were ChatWithTheAflacDuck.net, ChatWithTheAflalcDuck.com and ChatWithTheDuck.com/net. TalkWithTheAflacDuck.com/.net and TalkWithTheDuck.com/.net

GremlinAir.com and GremlinAirlines.com have been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client using generic whois data. In no way would I fly in any plane with the name “Gremlin” as it’s often associated with “an unknown problem” to mechanical or electrical. Telepathy, Inc. owns the generic Gremlin.com domain name.

Viacom International Inc. has acquired OpenAP.com. The domain was acquired from its past owner, Jason Newby about March 21, 2017 and then the domain transferred to Dynadot under whois privacy protection. The domain has since transferred into brand protection service MarkMonitor and displays Viacom as the owners. Viacom is redirecting OpenAP.com to OpenAP.tv which is a website relating to TV’s Advanced Audience Platform.

TinklesTheDog.com has been registered by an unknown MarkMonitor client.

T-Mobile USA, Inc. registered several “Unlimited 55” domain names including the T-Mobile brand name and generic domains, Unlimited55.com and UnlimitedFiftyFive.com. T-MobileOneUnlimited55.com, T-MobileUnlimited55.com and TMobileUnlimited55.com are some other examples. The company owns about 3,700 domain names.

GAP Apparel LLC has taken ownership of WeddingtonWay.com. GAP acquired the company in December 2016.

DanubeRiver.com has been acquired from Top Notch Domains, LLC (Elliot Silver of DomainInvesting.com) by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. Danube is a river in Europe and services like Viking River Cruises offer river cruises on it. Viking may have been the buyer, as they are a CSC client and understand the value of generic domain names.

Viking River Cruises registered the domain name DoAsIDid.com

SquareSolutions.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since 2004 and listed for sale.

SummerBay.com has been acquired by Seven Network Limited of Australia, a CSC client. The domain has been registered since 1999.

Olympus Corporation of the Americas has registered Wfoai.com, adding to the 270 domain names they currently own.

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