Here are some of the latest company domain discoveries from DotWeekly that include recently registered and purchased domain names by some large companies.

Target Brands, Inc.

Target registered a bunch of “tiny” related domain names, like .net /.org and then reveresed it as .net/.org and several other typo’s and misspells of the
term. They also put a focus on “Mini” with .org,, and . was registered on 7/22/2009 with general Csc
Corporate Domains info in whois and appears to be by Target but whois didn’t reveal it was them until 11/24/2013.

Normally when all of these domains are registered, it gives a pretty good clue that they are likely going to be doing something with the main term as a site in some sort. What it will be,
I’m not sure yet but it’s something to watch.

7/25/2014 Update: My local news just released a story on a “Target Express” that is a test store on the University of Minnesota campus. In Green Bay, Shopko has “Shopko Express” stores as well.

Twitter Inc.

Continues with it’s “shopping type domain” registrations. This time relating to a “card” of some sort. The domains included,, and . Based on these terms, whatever this “card” is.. I would think it’s going to be called “Spring”.

Facebook Inc.

Appears to have acquired the domain name .

The whois history is pretty interesting. CrossPath Inc. had owned the domain in early 2012. Then on 11/10/2012 the domain transferred to Captive Media Inc. . In 2014, shortly before
changing ownership to Facebook Inc. on 5/6/2014 the domain changed from Captive Media Inc. to S McHugh of France, with the email address and the DNS changed to a
generic Dynadot ns. Whois stayed this way until 6/2/2014 and on 6/24/2014 whois changed to which is a privacy service.

Whois changed again on 7/18/2014 and this time included Facebook Inc as the registrant but also David Taylor of Hogan Lovells LLP in the Admin Contact. Hogan Lovells is located in Paris,
so that is very likely the reason behind the change on 5/6/2014 .

This is not the first time Facebook has used Hogan Lovells LLP, as domain names like,, and more have connections.

Hogan Lovells LLP, owns its own domain registrar: Hogan Lovells (Paris) LLP which they use with or
It appears they own

Merlin Entertainments Group Limited

Hand registered the domain name Who doesn’t want to do that!

Siemens AG

Registered several domain names and many variations of these domains: .net / .org . .net / .org . Hyphen versions of each as well. They also
included the brand name Siemens “first” with each term, but but only in hyphen versions? but didn’t register for an example.

I would also say that… Make Real What Matter, really doesn’t make sense? Make What Really Matters, makes sense to me.. Make Real What Matters etc.

Johnson & Johnson

Revealed they own several domains that were likely registered or purchase on behalf of BrandShelter. Nothing stunning but the domains were for an example,
.biz / .org. They also own but basically has no information in whois (invalid)., .net and .biz / .org. They also own the .com

Google Inc.

Hand registered the domain name with MarkMonitor. This is interesting because is registered by “Dixon Hughes”which is the largest certified public accounting firm headquartered in the Southern U.S. and the 16th largest in United States. They appeared to have purchased the domain from on or about 9/29/2013. was registered on 1/17/2014 under whois privacy protection at . Why Google would just register the .net, I’m not sure… hard to say if they will buy the .com or not or what the interest is in domain is .

Virgin Enterprises Limited

Registered a couple domain names and those include, and

Airbus SAS

Registered the domain name .

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7 Responses to Company Domain Discoveries For Target, Virgin & More
  1. I would be willing to speculate Target is getting into the “convenience store” business….They may be preparing to take on 7-11 and neighborhood liquor stores.

    • You are correct. Just seen an article (added it to my story above) today about “Target Express” which they are testing on the University of Minnesota campus. Similar to a CVS, Walgreens etc.

  2. Jamie
    This is very valuable and insightful. Please keep up the great work, it is much appreciated!

  3. Hey Jamie

    Twitter recently acquired an ecommerce platform called CardSpring, hence the related regs.

    • Thanks Leon! I try to search as much as I can… but sometimes I run out of energy “googling things” 🙂

  4. Interesting whois history for
    Specially the email
    You never know who is contacting you from that random low profile free email!

    • I have been seeing several interesting whois history trails lately for newly acquired domains. Many of them are like the ones, with a broker of some sort, and then end user. As a domain seller, you have to assume whois is contacting you as ENEMY 🙂 and simply ask for the price that you would be happy with, no matter who the buyer is.


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