During some digging this morning I had run into the domain name Watchable.com . Nothing crazy that stuck out at me right away, other than it appears according to whois records that the domain was likely acquired for a large company via CSC Corporate Domains on or about July 23, 2014 according to whois records. Doing what I do, I dug into it a bit.

Then I did a trademark search “just in case”. Oh, the term “Watchable” was recently registered as a trademark? Well, I start digging into who filed the trademark if it isn’t clear right away.  Xidio, LLC filed for the Watchable trademark on 2/25/2014.


Well, since I have no clue who that company is, I have to research it. Xidio, LLC according to several SEC Filings is a subsidiary of Comcast. Okay, so we now have that connection. I need one more connection to “comcast” just to be sure.

Has Xidio, LLC filed any more recent trademarks besides “Watchable”? They sure have!

  • Cliptide
  • Aheadaview
  • Forager
  • Guzzle
  • Gazeebo
  • Xidio

So I check AheadAview as a domain name. AheadAview.com was registered on 2/27/2014 via CSC Corporate Domains and basically generic whois information, but domain name servers are set to ComCast.com! Okay, I have two connections now and this assures me that Xidio, LLC is Comcast.

All of the filings basically relate to the same “Goods and Services”

Computer application software for electronic devices, namely, software for games; computer application software for electronic devices, namely, software that enables the electronic transmission of digital media content for entertainment purposes

Online retail store services featuring a wide variety of consumer goods of others

Providing telecommunications access to digital media content via cable television, satellite television, Internet protocol television (IPTV), the Internet, mobile networks, wireless networks, fiber-optic networks, and other electronic communications networks; electronic transmission and streaming of digital media content for others via cable television, satellite television, Internet protocol television (IPTV), the Internet, mobile networks, wireless networks, fiber-optic networks, and other electronic communications networks; video-on-demand transmission services; customizable video-on-demand transmission services; video broadcasting services; Internet broadcasting services; providing access to computer, electronic, and online databases; providing access to computer databases in the fields of social networking, business networking, and entertainment

Provision of non-downloadable films, movies, television programs, videos, pictures, images, text and audio content via a video-on-demand service; entertainment services, namely, providing temporary use of non-downloadable video games

Domain Buying

ComCast has been silently purchasing most of the domain names of its recent trademark filings as well. I mentioned the Watchable.com domain purchase earlier and the AheadAview.com but they also have acquired the domain names:

Gazeebo.com domain name was purchased from Name Admin Inc on or about 8/4/2013

Guzzle.com appears on or about 5/16/2014 from the past owner. I am not 100% sure if they purchased this one but I’m pretty sure as the domain went into the status “ClientHold” on the mentioned date! It is not totally uncommon for whois records not to change from the past owner, to help hide if a domain as sold…

The Forager.com and Cliptide.com domain names are also hard to tell at this point if they have been acquired or not.

As of right now, it appears that the Watchable.com term has the most activity, because that domain switched DNS to GoDaddy recently (not sure why).

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  1. Some good domain choices — Gazeebo.com and Watchable.com. Nice to see that sort of thing. Hopefully they’ll be put to use soon.


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