This morning I detected some movement on the premium domain name and that movement may indicate a sale?

Clarity Money

The domain was owned by publicly traded company Synchronoss Technologies Inc.  Whois information hasn’t updated currently away from Synchronoss, other than domain name servers and the domain is now redirecting. The domains status is “ok”, which often means the domain is unlocked and about to transfer registrars.

Synchronoss acquired the domain name and other assets from Clarity OSS Limited around June 2014. The domain only resolved to a 404 error page for the past year and prior redirected to Now the domain has new name servers and is currently redirecting to which is a new company and states it’s in beta.

I’m leaning more towards a sale, so I reached out to Adam Dell, CEO/co-founder of Clarity Money for more information but have not heard back at time of publication.

Clarity Money is an app and states: “Your Money Guru”.

Clarity Money announced $2.5 million in funding in May 2016 and started announcing the service in late October 2016, after being founded in April 2016. They currently have $3.5M in funding according to CrunchBase.

If this is a sale, which I do feel is the case, it would be an early domain name upgrade for the service! was hand registered in April 2016 and I see no reason why six figures wasn’t paid to acquire Clarity. Maybe even closer to mid six figures.

From a branding aspect, shows you mean business and are a trusted source. Investing six figures in a premium domain name backs that up and provides instant authority! Wise move!

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6 Responses to Did Clarity Money Acquire Premium Domain
  1. Great Info…
    I wonder what else he’s got his hands in ??
    He = Adam Dell, CEO/co-founder of Clarity Money

    ~Patricia Kaehler — Ohio USA — DomainBELL

  2. Jamie, Thanks as always, valuable insight into corporate upgrades and acquisitions.

    DotWeekly with my Panama Coffee.


  3. If my memory serves me right, this was an expired domain around 1999/2000, picked up by a guy named Sportacle. Sold for 150K back in 2000/01.

  4. What CEO is going to reply to some domainer, give me a break.

    • @TomF
      I speak with CEO’s often. I can understand if he is unable to find the time to reply to my email or can not share any details about a transaction. I will always put forth an effort and ask though.

  5. Very nice sale! I can’t wait to see them come out of beta. I think they will reveal more information about the acquisition when that happens.


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