Cisco Appears to Sell + More Domain Movers


GDPR sucks! It has basically killed Domain Movers and I really do not see a reason to continue the series. The following is about 2 weeks worth of work, with 3-4 hours research, 7 days a week. I feel like I’m working for the Boring company and I only have a plastic spoon to dig. Domains are still moving but it’s just really hard to see who the potential buyers are (and sellers) and the movements are very limited due to email addresses being hid by the majority.

Maybe I’ll try something new soon, I’m saving up for equipment and will test somethings shortly.

Sequential Brands Group Inc. sold the Ful brand to Concept One, which included the premium 3 letter domain name The domain name transferred to GoDaddy and retained whois data from Sequential (a GoDaddy error IMO that really needs to be fixed/prevented).

Illumina, Inc. has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for an undisclosed amount. The domain name was owned by Name Administration Inc. prior, so I would estimate this sale to be well into five figures.

Pulson, Inc. has acquired its exact match .com domain name from its past owners at The domain name sold on Sedo for $4,823 in February 2013 (acquired by: Is Group BV) but expired in 2016 and changed ownership. The current sales price is unknown. To note, the domain name is redirecting to currently. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name was owned by Ken Cotton of LLC prior.

Spirol International Corporation has acquired from Name Administration Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Spirol offers fastening solutions and a Rollpin is a popular (but pain in the butt to install) pin used to assemble guns and many other things.

Hilton International Holding LLC registered a slew of domain names in relation to “Motto”, which will likely be a global hotel brand for the company. is one example. The company currently does not own, nor where they wise enough to register, which was registered on 6/13/2018 at Uniregistry and listed for sale… has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was owned by Name Administration Inc. and held a buy now of $59,800 at the time of purchase, but the exact sales price is unknown.

Ribose Inc. registered (formally owned by BuyDomains) and Then continued with and

Panasonic Corporation of North America plans on with the new domain registration. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from Name Administration Inc. which was owned by Cisco Technology Inc. has transferred to Uniregistry under privacy from MarkMonitor. The question is, did Cisco sell it? I’d say that is likely.

Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. has acquired from for $1,716. The better domain, is owned by Kevin Ham’s and is available for lease for $360 per month.

HP has likely sold, as the domain has transferred out of brand protection registrar MarkMonitor to Mijn InternetOplossing B.V. HP has been selling some domains, using Digital DNA in the process.

Thank you to all the readers, people that have shared Domain Movers and hopefully to the many that have learned a thing or two with what domain names companies are buying and selling from the series. I put my heart and soul into the series and even though I do not make any money directly from doing it, it was always something I enjoyed.

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12 thoughts on “Cisco Appears to Sell + More Domain Movers

  1. Bless You Jamie.You do a great job.If you can just list the names that sold only if you cant guess who bought them that would be helpful if the GDPR makes it harder to compile a list.I like to hear about names sold by NA as his price gives me an hint ogf whats moving and also if other keywords domain sales are only reporter ,I can just guess the figure going by who sells and who the buyer is.You have contributed so much in the industry with your time and deep research. Thank you so much always.

  2. always apprecate your work, Jamie. Lets hope this whois BS changes in the future. No one outside of Europe should be blocked by default. its just plain lazy.

  3. Domain Movers is one of my favourite blog series. It will be sorely missed if it becomes another casualty of the GDPR clusterf*ck. Thank you for all your effort to date.

  4. Jamie – THANK YOU beyond measure for your diligence to produce Domain Movers! I always found it valuable from week to week, and it’ll certainly be missed. Thank you again.

  5. Thanks again for the legendary Domain Movers series Jamie, I’ll be sorry if it can’t continue even if in a greatly reduced form (possibly combined with the regular reports). It’s created an illuminating picture of the current state of play, a revealing insight into the thinking and strategies of big corporations and also the thriving world of brand managers and stealth acquisitions.

  6. Thanks Jamie for Domain Movers, it’s a must read and I hope you are able to continue this valuable resource.

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