It isn’t often you run across 2 letter .com domain names for sale, mainly because there is only 676 of them, but especially when they are owned by large corporations like Chrysler Group LLC.

Chrysler has used the domain name for Chrysler Financial in the past and appear to have acquired the domain when it was listed for sale in 2006 by Consolidated Freightways for an undisclosed amount. The transaction took place on 12/22/2006 when DaimlerChrysler Corporation appears in whois information.

It appears Chrysler has changed that name a little bit and now uses Chrysler Capital instead of financial and is using the domain name Since doesn’t fit with the current name used, this is likely the reason they are selling the asset.

The domain currently has a For Sale lander with a simple contact form. Based on the current domain name servers the domain has switched to, it appears that Winged Media is helping with the domain sale on behalf of Chrysler.

Winged Media, is owned by Troy Rushton and are the owners of services like and ProTrada. is registered with CSC Corporate Domains. I did reach out to Troy but because the listing is so new, he didn’t have much details on the domain yet, but did confirm that it recently came in.

The market for 2 letter .com domains has been heating up and prices are on the rise! Several have fetched 7 figures lately but I would say have a minimum wholesale of around $500K right now. With this in mind, the size of the company selling it, brokered… quality of the letters… I wouldn’t expect the asking price to be any less than 7 figures.

Chrysler Group LLC are the owners of about 3,900 domain names.

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  1. inb4 CloudFlare buys it


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