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Gogobot rebrands as, a domain name they acquired from Expedia.

CEO Travis Kratz stated in a article about the rebrand: “The name, which is easy to remember, can conjure images of a vacation abroad as well as a jaunt to the restaurant across town, Katz says, and the blending of trips and activities is something that several companies, including, Google, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb have realized could be a winning formula.”

The article continued with “One thing … Read the rest

We have all been told never to share our account login details, including your account number, login user name, password etc. but one publicly traded company (with-holding the company name for clear reasons) posted its two domain name assets, along with ALL of the account details to access them in a recent SEC filing report.

Registrar, Account #, Login user ID and Password

Think I’m kidding? (I blocked out the vital info)

SEC Filing Account Login

Thankfully I’m a nice guy and I alerted … Read the rest

The Federal Emergency Management Agency does a very smart thing and owns the domain name which directed to but has dropped the ball and allowed the domain name to expire!

The domain names renewal “due date” was October 25, 2016 but it passed without payment and the domain name has since expired. Expired Whois

The good news, FEMA has about 35 more days to renew the domain name before they would lose ownership and the domain name be auctioned for … Read the rest

This morning I noticed several Cooking domain names on the move at corporate domain name provider CSC and the ultra premium domain name has changed ownership from Gordon Brothers Group to Hoffman Media, LLC.

This was not the only premium cooking domain name on the move, it was also and Several other cooking related domains like,,, and potentially a few more appear to have went with the package deal to Hoffman Media.

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