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Today I had noticed a movement on the domain name, with the domain itself transferring to SafeNames corporate domain registrar. This domain rang a bell to me, because I recall it was seized by the US governments ICE division back in 2012.

It was seized and transferred in 2007 over a technology dispute but Bodog latter got the domain back. article

The domain was seized by ICE in 2012 and had been since: article

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I am not a lawyer and the following is simply information obtained from a 3rd party and in my opinion. You can decide if or if not etc. I reached out to the past owner of who owned the domain name until 2012 to see if he was able to share any information related to the domain name.

Fact: The domain name was registered on September 2, 1997 by an individual, Ken Favata. The domain name is now … Read the rest

DotWeekly first reported domain name being acquired by Lowe’s (LF, LLC) in December 2016 but at that time, we simply didn’t know the future plans for the newly acquired domain name asset then. Well, now we do!

Lowe’s has rebranded to The stand alone brand highlights Lowe’s and offers Personal Concierge shopping, furniture, lighting, decor and more.

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Target Brands, Inc. has launched a new home collections brand for kids, Pillowfort.

Target Pillowfort

Pillowfort focuses on kids furniture, bedding and decor.

How did Target do “Domain Wise” on the new brand and offering?

Target announced the brand on its website February 7, 2017, filed a slew of trademarks in March 2015 with the term and secured the matching domain name April 6, 2017 according to whois records with the help of Marksmen domain buyers.

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