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In under 10 years, the Fallenstein’s family owned business has moved from its garage to venturing online and now operating out of a 200,000 square foot warehouse with over 100 year round employees and thousands of seasonal employees. The “Whoa” moment happened when the company out of Mankato, Minnesota, now called brought its Halloween costume business online.

I had the opportunity to talk with Tom Fallenstein about the companies amazing domain names they currently own and how they eventually … Read the rest

Yesterday’s big news in the domain name industry was the domain name sale of by the domain king Rick Schwartz for a sticky keyboard kind of stuck price of $8,888,888.88 . Yes, nearly 9 million dollars, all cash sale just for the domain name. So who are the buyers? Well, I’m going to write this as I dig for info, so here we go.

According to whois records, WGCZ S.R.O based in the Czech Republic. Two domains they use, … Read the rest

As a person who does a lot of digging on domain names, I often run into several factors that prevent me from knowing who owns a domain name, so I thought I would provide some tips on how to hide domain ownership.

So why would you want to hide the fact that you or your company owns a domain? Why you shouldn’t hide?

Why you shouldn’t hide that you own a domain:

A.) You want to sell it! Whois data … Read the rest

Foot Locker has acquired the premium domain name from P. A. Gordon, who has owned the domain name since at least 2001 (oldest whois history record) but likely longer. The domain name has been registered  since June 26, 1997.

Foot Locker Retail Inc. owns Champs Sports, which is a sports retail company and uses the domain name currently but I would expect them to switch to only in the near future. redirects already to .… Read the rest