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Yesterday I mentioned that the domain name portfolio that GoDaddy recently acquired on April 1, 2016 had 17+ 2 letter .com domain names, well I was a bit low on that number and now have discovered at least 23 of them total!

The following 23, two letter .com domain names are now listed on, have a similar connection via whois and or have already transferred via whois to NameFind LLC. All of them are listed on NameFind and or … Read the rest

After I broke the news yesterday that had purchased another domain name portfolio, I didn’t have a lot of information at that time. I still do not, but there is one thing I can confirm.

The Elite Domains Group portfolio purchase by GoDaddy included at least 17, two letter .com domain names that I can confirm are now owned by GoDaddy.

That … Read the rest

I was informed that Monster Worldwide Inc. has sold 14,300 domain names in a bulk deal for “six figures” that mainly relate to school/education domains and the buyers were Endurance/ based on whois records.

Also based on whois records, owns around 24,000 domain names, so that is about 58% of its domain name portfolio it has sold in the deal.

Since the exact purchase price is not known, the price per domain would be fairly low if the numbers … Read the rest

Something may be up, potentially another portfolio buy via GoDaddy’s NameFind division? It appears so!

Several domain names that were owned by Elite Domains Group have transferred to GoDaddy’s NameFind, LLC according to whois records. NameFind is the division of that acquired the Marchex and Worldwide Media domain name portfolios as well as the DomainSource domain portfolio which I discovered in mid February 2016. is one domain of mention that was owned by Elite Domains Group and is … Read the rest