Domain Help

It can be exciting to get an offer on your domain name or have somebody show interest in your domain name. If you are contacted, the next thing to find out is if the contact is Real or Fake.

A very well known FAKE is if you are contacted via Email and you see lines in the email that are like this:

“This is not our main business but we make money on buying/selling domains.”

“Your domain name has been Read the rest

Domain Name Drop Times

.com & .net = 1:00-2:15 PM Central Standard Time

.org = 8:30-9:30 AM Central Standard Time

.info = 3:30-4:00 AM Central Standard Time

.biz = 1:30-2:00 AM Central Standard Time

.us = 12:00-12:30 AM Central Standard Time

ALL .com & .net domain names that you Really want should be back ordered via a 3rd party drop cathing service like or If you are interested in trying to “grab” or register the domain name as … Read the rest

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