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Have you been watching a domain names expire date that is registered with the domain name registrar and hoping it will expire? Maybe you wonder what happens to a domain name when it expires at In this post I will provide all the details you need to know and understand about expired domain names registered with the domain name registrar .

Godaddy has an in-house domain name auction service and all of it’s expired domain names end … Read the rest

The expired domain name process is pretty interesting. The basics of the process are pretty simple: You own a domain name and without paying the renewal after owning it for a year (or however long you paid registration), the domain name expires. The process after it expires is where it gets hairy scary!

Since every domain name registrar is different, the TOS is likely the best place to read what will happen to your domain name. If you do read … Read the rest

I have wrote this kind of post before that included specific tools like software or just sites that I use, but I wanted to do an updated one to include some “new” and more recent things that I use and specific features I use them for. FREE. If you are a long time reader of DotWeekly, this is the site that I would use to find the data for my “Off The Wall Domain Name Stats”. Simply … Read the rest

It can be exciting to get an offer on your domain name or have somebody show interest in your domain name. If you are contacted, the next thing to find out is if the contact is Real or Fake.

A very well known FAKE is if you are contacted via Email and you see lines in the email that are like this:

“This is not our main business but we make money on buying/selling domains.”

“Your domain name has been Read the rest

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