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I’d like to start writing some stuff than my domain movers series but that series takes up the vast majority of my time, so I fail to have the energy to write other stuff… and I would love to write all day really but it is what it is. So anyway, here are some random things that I’m thinking and I hope some of my thoughts will help you in some way!

Free Domain Name Server “Spy” Tool

Domainers love … Read the rest

I discovered yesterday that some GoDaddy Auctions expired domain names are using domain parking pages instead of the standard GoDaddy parking pages displaying that the domain expired and is pending renewal or deletion.

It appears that about 6-10 days after expiring, some domains are changing DNS to and and using the parking service provided by

Why they are doing this is the real interesting question? Is it a money thing? Are they interested in Rook Media? … Read the rest

Domain parking sucks, is getting worse and worse, year after year… but could it get SO BAD that you end up with a negative balance? We have all had the 1 click for $0.00 but could it be worse? According to SmartName, it appears so. I mentioned my displeasure with SmartName earlier this week about “Quality Adjustments” and nothing to back up the “adjustments”.

In fact, I went back and forth with SmartName rep Elizabeth to get … Read the rest

Tracking domain names isn’t easy! I often post “domain movers” and “DotWeekly Discoveries” by using several methods but one key factor that I always use is whois records. These consist of current and historical records.

The problem with whois and I have said this before, it really should be “who do you want to be” instead of whois. Whois records for domain names should be better attached to the account holder at a domain name registrar but they are not. … Read the rest

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