Domain Help by far has the largest inventory of domain names of any domain registrar. Some of these domains expire and go to “expired auction” but for some reason, the inventory of expired auctions sucks at GoDaddy compared to other services, like NameJet.

GoDaddy Auctions lacks expired inventory for generic one word domains that are valuable!’s, NNNN’s, LLL’s and simply general nice two word domains when you compare the inventory to NameJet.

So why does the expired inventory suck, compared … Read the rest

Learning by doing is something I love to do. The other day I did a list of nice .us domain names that were freshly listed on Sedo with Buy It Now prices. The article was enjoyed by many and several people purchased domain names directly from my list using the affiliate links provided by me.

Here are some things I learned.

284 outbound clicks were done on the first day I published the story! Nice! See:


What did Sedo report … Read the rest

This morning I had noticed that CSC Corporate Domains has listed 51, 1 word English dictionary .us domain names for sale, all on The domains that I checked, all have a buy it now price! Domains like has a $500 BIN price tag for an example. has a $1,000 BIN. (which is a Great hack IMO) $500 BIN.

If you buy any, please use the links provided. Yes, they are affiliate links that will earn me … Read the rest

Hard work is something that I feel I do a lot. This means doing more than what most others do! Putting in countless hours of digging domain names and going the extra mile.

Well, Gary Shane Warne is another hard worker. A domain name investor from the early days, starting in 1991, Shane as he goes by has had his share of domain names he has owned but the domain name was a recent result of hard work!

Shane … Read the rest

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