OpenMail was founded in October 2013. OpenMail LLC was filed on March 26, 2014 by Michael Blend in Santa Monica CA and a trademark for OpenMail was actually filed prior on 2/10/2014 for:

Technology that enables email marketers to more efficiently target emails and email promotions to their customers

 Providing a website featuring technology that enables users to more efficiently target emails and email promotions to their customers was re-registered on 9/21/2013 under whois privacy (so maybe OpenMail was … Read the rest

Based on whois information, it appears that Visa / Black Card LLC*  is likely getting ready to make a play with “Gold Card”.

I did a little digging and it appears that Visa / Black Card LLC*  likely purchased the domain names and for around $125,000. Media Options had the domains under contract and listed in a newsletter on September 10, 2013.

A whois record change on November 6, 2013  shows “Matt Serlin” of MarkMonitor in whois. A … Read the rest

eBates has acquired the domain name from Rakuten. Rakuten purchased in May 2010 for an estimated $250 Million and in January 2013 was rebranded to .


eBates appears to be getting ready to launch something on the newly acquired domain name but currently only a Coming Soon message appears on the site.

Ebates Performance Marketing, Inc. became the owners of on March 27, 2014 according to whois records.

From what I can tell, over … Read the rest

I heard the term “Dronie” in some web video and I thought, that’s pretty cool… a Drone Selfie! Well, drones are going to be huge in the very near future and selfies are big now and have been big before but we just didn’t call them selfies then… so putting the two together, Dronie sounded like a fun term to me.

After hearing the term, I checked on the domain name… It was registered already and was created in May … Read the rest

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