Amazon is set to announce a “new device” on June 18, 2014 but did they just tip their hand?

On June 4, 2014 through the MarkMonitor service, Amazon has registered 64 domain names related to a phone!

It is likely going to be a “larger phone” because they registered the term Phablet? It will likely be under contract? Games? They are all terms used in the domain names registered.

Here is the list they registered that I found:

There have been several reports that Amazon will release a 3D phone, but nothing related to that in the domains that I discovered registered. I would expect to see “Gaming” a focus with Amazon’s phone though. 3D could very well be a feature, they just didn’t tip off that info with a related domain that I could see.

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  1. Also, since 2007 they’ve owned domains such as and

  2. Jamie, thanks for this information. Which way did you find the domains owned by Amazon?


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