Domain names can be some amazing little buggers! That's why I love them so much! You never know what you are holding and who wants your one of a kind piece of virtual real estate. Domain names can be extremely powerful when used in marketing, as it can easily direct a massive amount of eyeballs in one location!

Mike Mann is reporting on his Facebook page that his company has sold* the domain name for $60,000 USD. A domain he purchased for $200 in late 2012. How did he sell it for $60K is likely your question! He asked for it! Not many would put a price tag of $60K on "that kind of domain" but Mike did and somebody felt it was worth it to pay it.

A lot of domain sales are often the perfect storm… they take several things coming together to make it all happen. This sale was no different!

These types of domain sales keep my domain dreams alive! They get me excited even though my domain dreams haven't been playing out for me lately, but my hopes and dreams stay alive because I still own a couple hundred domains.

Helpful facts that likely helped in the sale of resolves to a "For Sale" landing page that clearly states the domain is for sale. A phone number is provided and a Buy Now link.

Coming Together Lander

The domain was priced. (This can go either way, but I think pricing the domain helped sell it in this case) For some reason, "make offer" can be something that makes a person shy away, because they don't know what to offer.

Don't listen to others, listen to yourself. I wouldn't have priced this domain at $60K. Most I know in the domain world wouldn't have either. Mike did.

I think it is extremely vital that your domains landing page reflects that your domain name is for sale. Clean, clear and professional.

* sold can be a term I do not like to use when the domain name has yet to transfer ownership, but it's a fun word to use in an article!

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3 Responses to $60K Sale Of Shows Domain Dreams
  1. Great sale. To be honest I wouldn't have asked for $60k for this domain too. Congrats to buyer and specially the seller.

  2. Coming Together is the 2013 Coca Cola marketing campaign slogan, check here:

    No wonder he scored such price having a buyer with such big profile like Coca Cola. And actually this is why I keep my babies with a 'make offer' button and not a set 'asking price', you never know what could happen in this market. 'Make Offer' keeps my options open, by researching unusual attention/traffic, analysing and pricing it right to what it worth at the time.


    Thanks for the post Jamie.

  3. He didn't ask for 60k because he thought the domain was worth that.  He asked 60k because he saw the coke video on you tube, took 2 minutes to watch it and realized that it ended with telling everyone to visit so he threw out a crazy number hoping that he was dealing with Coca Cola and sure enough they are probably the ones that bought it.  Same thing when he sold for $30,000, he took 5 minutes did some basic trademark research and realized Home Depot was the one that filed the "Thrill of the Grill" trademark so again he just threw out a crazy number to see if they would bite and they did.  When you have tons of great domains you can play this game everyday.  Look at some of Frank Schillings crazy sales. People paying 50, 60, 100k for names that we couldn't get 5 grand for but he gets that because he can play the game.  Same with Schwartz getting 750k for  He got that because CNN wanted something that he had and he didn't want to sell it so he threw out an insane number of probably 1 million and they countered at 750k.  Done deal,  SOLD!!!


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