In 2 Days, GoDaddy Sells Millions Of Dollars Out Of NameFind Portfolio

GoDaddy has been on fire the past two days, selling domain names out of it’s NameFind domain name portfolio. The following are simply domains I had noticed change ownership based on name server records, so there easily could be more.

Yesterday, some of those sold included which was acquired by Information Services Inc. was acquired by WDINCO, LLC. They also sold 4, NNN .net’s and 14 LLLL .com’s into the Chinese market.

Automation Experts, Inc. did a domain name upgrade and purchased, removing the “inc” from its domain name. Fastpaced Limited acquired EMD GoDaddy also sold 9 more 2 word and 3 words .com domains.

Today was even a bigger day! and both were sold to Chinese investors! Each of these domains held a $500,000 minimum offer amount. These were also the last two, three number .com domains they owned in the NF portfolio. They had 3 total, which were acquired in the Elite Domains portfolio purchase as mentioned here when I discovered the portfolio purchase in April 2016.

More three letter .com’s were also sold and included:, and These were all purchased by WDINCO, LLC. All three letter .com domains in the NameFind domain portfolio had a $50,000 to $100,000 minimum offer amount. Since at least 4 were acquired at the same time, I’d expect the sales prices to be lower.

They also sold 37 more domains like, which had a $20,000 buy now for an example.,, and,, are some more examples of the domains sold.,,, and were some more.

Sales continued with 2 more NNN .net domains and Several 2 letter .net domain names, which included:,, and were also sold! Plus, 17 more LLLL .com’s

Busy last couple of days for the team over at GoDaddy!

In general, GoDaddy often sells XX number of domains out of the NF portfolio daily but it doesn’t always contain the high caliber of the past two days or the volume. The portfolio itself contains some 370,000 domain names, so selling even 20 per day… it would take 50 years to sell out the portfolio 🙂

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  1. Hi Jamie! Busy days indeed, I’m most proud of the sales that are going to end users to upgrade their current brand/presence. Reasonable pricing with BIN values pushed through the AfternicDLS Network does work. Of course, developing deep relationships in China helps as well.

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